About us

Welcome to PimpMyMatch.com. We are entrepreneurs who created this shop for people around the world, who want to party and show some support to a national team. It can be in the streets or at home in front of TV: you choose.

You may want to have fun while watching a football match with friends. Or you want to gather with some people of your neighborhood at a competition. Maybe you are going to support your national team outside in a public place, at stadium, etc.

It can be football, rugby, chess or a knitting championship. We don't care.

For us, contests, competitions and championships are a cool pretext to meet and discover other people or other countries.

We think that showing support to a country in a funny way, with cool clothes or accessories, has many great impacts.

It helps sharing moments and emotions with other persons. It helps telling others who you are, where you are from, or what you like.

It helps making friends with persons you just met and did not know a few minutes before, whatever their nationality or language is.

You can support the country you want. The country where you live. Where you were born. The country of your boy/girlfriend, even if it is not yours. It's just a matter of fun and friendship.

Just be ready to party and have fun ;-)

The PimpMyMatch team.